Tackling Rumors Against COVID-19 through Community Engagement (TRACE Project)

Tackling Rumors Against COVID-19 through Community Engagement (TRACE) is a project funded by the Australia Indonesia Health Security Partnership (AIHSP) with the goal to support the Government of Indonesia in accelerating efforts to expand COVID-19 vaccination coverage and implementing preventive behaviors in four priority provinces. The project targets explicitly vulnerable population groups, namely the elderly (over 60 years of age), people with disabilities, and unvaccinated people as a result of social and economic factors. As critical components of the project, Jalin Foundation emphasizes gender equality, disability, social inclusion (GEDSI), and child protection.


All activities must consider how health policies impact women and men from different backgrounds and contexts and children who are deemed vulnerable groups. These primary components must be internalized in every aspect and stage of the project, including in communication activities.


This project uses the risk communication and community engagement (RCCE) framework, which is a critical component in health emergency preparedness and response activities. This framework is important in building a coordinated, clear, and credible communication system to minimize the health, social, and economic impact on the population, especially vulnerable groups.


In the TRACE project, Jalin Foundation plays a role at the national level and led the formative assessment of Community Perception and Acceptance of COVID-19 Vaccination and Implementation of an Inclusive COVID-19 Vaccination Program. The result was used to inform the development of the RCCE framework. Jalin Foundation will also facilitate RCCE development at the sub-national level with provincial partners.