Multiple Micronutrient Supplement (MMS) for Pregnant Women

Multiple Micronutrient Supplementations (MMS) is a continuation of the Iron-Folic Acid (IFA) program, better known in Indonesia as the Iron Supplement Tablet (Tablet Tambah Darah - TTD). MMS targets explicitly pregnant women so that they will have better pregnancy outcomes and give birth to healthier babies. MMS has been proven to improve a woman’s nutritional status and is able to reduce the risk of preterm birth, stillbirth, low birth weight, and stunting better than IFA.


Jalin Foundation conducted a content analysis on the social and behavior change communication materials that have been created for IFA and also facilitated a human-centered design (HCD) workshop to develop a demand creation, supply, and distribution strategy for MMS introduction in Indonesia. The HCD workshop produced a number of prototypes that can be further developed into social and behavior change materials for MMS introduction in Indonesia. These include supplement bottle, pregnancy calendar, cue cards, and social media content. Materials were tested in three regions representing Indonesia's western, central, and eastern parts.