Breakthrough ACTION for COVID-19

Breakthrough ACTION for COVID-19 (Breakthrough ACTION) is an eight-year global cooperative agreement funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to implement social and behavior change programming around the world in collaboration with and under the direction of the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs (JHCCP). In Indonesia, Breakthrough ACTION focuses on COVID-19 vaccination and is implemented by Jalin Foundation through a subagreement from JHCCP. Jalin Foundation supports the government of Indonesia to accelerate widespread and equitable access to and delivery of safe and effective COVID-19 vaccination


Jalin Foundation’s support includes 1) Risk communication system; 2) Internal and partner coordination; 3) Advocacy and behavioral and social change communication; 4) Community engagement; and 5) Addressing uncertainty and misperceptions and managing misinformation. The program started in December 2021 and will end in June 2023.